Two weeks of awesome

August 03, 2012 — Chris Foster


I'm Chris Foster. I have a passion for code and technology, and in the coming fall I will be pursuing that passion professionally at Thompson Rivers University. In the mean time, I've been doing contract web application development to entertain myself.

Some few months ago, the Kamloops Linux User Group got a post talking about "H4CK Night" events. It had been hard enough for me to find the Kamloops LUG group originally, and after seeing a year or so of inactivity on the list, that at some point in time I had come to imagine Kamloops as a dead tech city. I was so, so wrong.

After that, I attended a few more H4CK Nights and got to know all of the awesome people. Shortly after, me and Jonathan Bowers went for lunch, and he set me up with my own space to work at in the KIC! As I come to the closing of the second week here, I'm realizing what a serious awesome work place this is.

In the first day, everyone on my side of the building introduced themselves. Everyone was interested in what I was doing, and I was seriously interested in what they were doing. I had never seen so many awesome tech companies under one roof, much less a roof I expected to be in my own town.

Jaethan Reichel loaned me a monitor and a keyboard for my setup.

In the past two weeks, there has been countless times when workflow has frozen. We play games sometimes, we joke around, we play with Ipad apps, and we have fun. However, there has been other times when productivity escalates so much it shocks me.

Being in an environment where I can constantly overhear conversations surrounding POST security, password hashing, and backbonejs development is awesome. Working in a place like that is amazing. I've been warmly welcomed by all the KIC people, and am very much looking forward to the next few weeks!

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